Reading Mentors

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How Do I Get Started Changing A Child’s Life?

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The Reading Mentors program is a partnership between The Canby Center and The Canby School District.  Underneath the overarching community-wide CANBY READS initiative, the Reading Mentors program seeks to strengthen our community’s youngest readers.

Change a Child’s Life in One Hour Per Week

How can one hour per week benefit a child?

One hour per week of reading with a child (K-3rd grade) during the school year will make a lifetime difference!

Your encouragement can

Keep a child in school. Students not proficient in reading at 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school.

Your time will help a child

To develop their full potential.  42% of Canby third graders do not meet the reading standard. Without reading, these students are greatly limited in their ability to learn, work and to benefit the community.

Your attention impacts the community.

Help Canby to create a culture of confident children who love to read and are empowered to succeed.

Who can help?

You can! Here’s how:

  • Be willing to share your love of reading with a child one hour per week at their school during the academic year
  • Have a positive, open mind
  • Communicate with care
  • Be reliable: Children look forward to your visit each week
  • Pass a background check
  • Single language and bilingual volunteers needed

Reading Mentors Impact 2017