Life Skills


Life Skiills


We provide a resource area with computers, high-speed internet, printer/copier/scanner,and fax machine  that serves as a place where our community can research and pursue employment opportunities. Clients needing assistance with creating or refreshing resumes, cover letters, interviewing and job searching may email Linda Rasor at or call 503-263-1124.

The resource area may also be used by clients to search for housing opportunities and taking care of general business needs.


Each week an English/Spanish class meets for Canby residents interested in learning a second language. As a dual-language class, each student is able to learn a second language from someone with that native tongue.

Class meets Tuesdays 11:00 AM – Noon


The sewing class takes place each week for Canby residents interested in learning to use a sewing machine, learning basic skills and creating projects. A sewing machine is not required, but it’s useful to bring yours if you have one.

Class meets Thursdays from 9:00 AM-Noon


The Canby Center is offering finance classes throughout the year starting in 2018 at 5:30 with dinner being served and class starting directly after dinner. In order to participate in the Thriving Together Program each household must attend one finance class a year. Please email Linda Rasor at or call 503-263-1124 to register for class.


Monday, August 6th for English Speakers

Monday, November 5th for Spanish Speakers