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All programs are for individuals and families who live within the Canby School District.


Reading Mentors is a pilot reading program that will engage community volunteers to read one-on-one with students for an hour a week at Knight Elementary School, beginning the Fall of 2016. Reading forms the foundation for education, employment and civic service. Without the capacity to read, people are substantially limited in their ability to learn, work and benefit the community. This program seeks to truly develop children in Canby to reach their maximum potential.

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Many families in Canby, across Oregon, and throughout the nation are experiencing tough times right now.  Currently over nearly 54% of students, 1185 children, in elementary school in the Canby School District receive free and reduced breakfast and lunch five days a week during the school year.  This does not represent all the students who do not receive adequate food at home.  Teachers have noticed behaviors in students on Monday mornings that cause them to question how much the children had to eat during the weekend.  In partnership with the Canby School District and local churches, students in greatest need of food receive food packs of ready to prepare snacks and meals for the weekend, while maintaining their confidentiality.


Who? Any student struggling to complete assignments

What? Volunteer tutors willing to help students complete homework

When? Monday – Thursday

3:00pm – 4:00pm High School and Jr. High Students

4:00pm – 5:00pm Elementary Students

Where? The Canby Center

Why? It is more imperative than ever that all of our students master the skills and behaviors that lead to high school graduation—the critical first rung on the ladder to economic success and a productive future, both for our students and our community. To achieve this goal, though, our schools are being called upon to do more with less resources. Schools alone cannot support all of the learning needs of children and youth to be prepared for careers, college, and life. We believe that home and community, as well as school, need to be part of a comprehensive plan for helping children learn.

How? Parents, Teachers, School Counselors, or Intervention Specialists can recommend students to The Canby Center by providing this information for parents or directly to students. You can contact Kelley at 503-263-1125 or email with any questions.


– School Supplies

Every year The Canby Center brings together the faith community, businesses, and school district to help provide school supplies and backpacks to students in Canby.  In 2014, 344 Backpacks with supplies were provided.  The sign up for the backpacks begins the first of August.