KNMT Interview – Joy in Our Town – February 2017



“Harvest Share brings people together for both economic and social benefits,” stated Cheryl, one Harvest Share volunteer.  Throughout history food brings people together.  Harvest share brings together an eclectic group of Canby residents rallying around the same passion to share in the harvest of produce and bread!  Donors, recipients and volunteers all make this a unique program that makes healthy food available to all while ensuring perishable food does not go to waste.

Harvest Share originally focused on being a solution to hunger. It was an avenue for food that is perishing to be distributed to all who had a need.  What has developed is a place where social and economic barriers are crossed.  Relationships are built. People who traditionally do not receive food assistance find much needed relief for their family. All people have the opportunity to be volunteers, donors and recipients.


In addition to crossing lines, Harvest Share is battling hunger.  It helps families stretch their budget by providing healthy produce and bread.  Individuals, businesses and organizations come together to donate perishable food. Cutsforth’s Marketplace and Gleaners are two foundational partners. The rest of the community gets involved as well.  Local farms, home gardeners, egg farmers and more participate in sharing their harvest. Youth and families who are struggling are being impacted!

“A grateful lady was in tears because it was something other than a can of soup,” said Delores, a volunteer. She went on to explain, “Many people in our community are in need. People know they can come here for help.” Cheryl added, “Many people have expressed what a blessing it has been to have Harvest Share. There would not have been enough food for the week otherwise.”

It is beautiful to watch a community come together to support its neighbors through sharing time, resources and talents.  You are an instrumental part of this vital program that meets needs and builds relationships in our community.  You are The Canby Center!


It was 8:00 am when a principal emailed regarding a student who had nearly lost all their hearing.  The student was in need of hearing aids, but the family was unable to meet the financial obligation required.  The principal said, “This is a bit out of character for me but I thought I would at least throw it out there and see if you and the churches can meet this need.”

Quickly an email was sent to area pastors about the need. By 10:15 am on the same day the need was met.  The family was contacted and a fitting was scheduled for the student.  All told The Canby Center plus nine churches came together to meet this need.  A student is on her way to hearing fully again eliminating this huge barrier to her education and life.

Following the rapid response the principal said, “Amazing! I’m really touched and I can’t tell you how much the family will appreciate and also be touched by this generosity.”

Recently the mother returned to fill us in on the progress.  She shared the joy of watching her child at the appointment and said, “Seeing the smile face when they turned on the hearing aid for the first time was exceptional! My child is enjoying wearing it, and hearing clearer sounds.”

What a blessing the community is to those in need when you come together!  You are blessing to many!  Thank you for sharing the blessings!


Your generosity is what makes The Canby Center.  Over the past many months you have shared needs on Facebook, email, and with local churches and organizations.  One need was a pair of running shoes for a high school student.  Within an hour of the need getting out we had four offers to buy a pair of shoes and a pair donated.   Your generosity is a great reminder to our neighbors that God cares about even the smallest details of our lives!

How you can be involved

90+ families monthly shop in our clothing exchange. You can help by donating your gently used clothing. Your clothing can be dropped in our donation shed 24/7. Please bag your clothing prior to donating it.

One volunteer has been teaching at-risk students the piano. There is a need for working keyboards for these students to be able to take home to practice. These can be dropped off Monday – Thursday 9 am – 5 pm.

Youth Center 

The Youth Center is needing a few items to help provide activities for students.
(2) Soccer Goals
(5/6) Bean Bag Chairs
Phase 10 Card Game, Apples to Apples, and Dutch Blitz

You can donate any of these items to TCC or donate now to help us purchase the items.

After-school snacks

Many students come for snacks after school and during tutoring. Food insecurity is evident in many of their lives. Older students don’t always talk about food insecurity but one day of watching them with the snacks and it is evident in their lives. Two ways you can be involved:

1. Donate snacks – cheese sticks, lunch meat, graham crackers, goldfish, or granola bars
2. Donate financially – $100 will provide food for the students one day each week for a month

Plastic Folding Tables
Our volunteers move and tear down tables daily for different activities. The tables are old, heavy tables that are cumbersome to move around. Plastic tables would be a huge asset for the programs and volunteers. You can donate 6’ plastic folding tables or donate $92.00 for each table.


“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand.” – Henry J.M. Nouwen

The Canby Center has a partnership with Ackerman Academy to impact young lives through mentorship. Last year, there was a need for volunteer piano and vocal mentors. One of our volunteers, Darlene Kenagy, has a passion and gift for that very thing.  Although she was a little apprehensive regarding the unconventional school setting, she volunteered to teach a class last spring.

She loved her class and was drawn to one student in particular, McKayla. She was extremely talented but seemed sad, insecure and to be hurting inside.  McKayla was struggling with family issues making her feel hopeless and fearful of the future.  Darlene knew God had a plan for her and she wanted so badly for her to know His unfailing love!

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