Donate to Program

You can choose to have your impact go directly to one of the following programs.  Choose that program under the apply my gift to menu on the donation page.


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Thank you for helping us with food problems.  Things are difficult right now, and it helps my family.  Hopefully I can help you some day too.”  Backpack Buddy Recipient

$10 will provide food for 1 Child for a month
$90 will provide food for 1 Child for the year
$685 will provide food for 300 Children for a weekend
$3810 will provide food for 1671 Backpacks for 1 School for the year


For $15.00 you can provide the supplies necessary to help a child succeed this next school year!

$15 will provide 1 Child a backpack w/supplies
$75 will provide 5 Children backpacks w/supplies
$150 will provide 10 Children backpacks w/supplies